San Antonio Family Organizes A Book Drive: The Gift That Never Stops Giving For The Children’s Shelter

The Estrada Family

The Estrada’s, a local San Antonio family, are organizing a book drive for The Children’s Shelter. The drive is currently going on now and ends February 8th, 2021.

The Folklore’s Coffee Shop on 1526 E Grayson, St. is where you can drop off books. You can find a book drop-off box in front of the coffee shop outside.

The shelter has about 57 children ranging from the ages of 1-17 years of age. The donation coordinator says the shelter does ask kindly that the books donated be new. Although all titles and subjects are encouraged, books needed are: Board Books, Picture Books, Story Books, and Middle grade chapter books.

The wife and mother of three, Samantha Estrada, stated that National Book Giving Day is what inspired her Gift A Book Drive. She was motivated to begin this project due to her own great love for reading. The privilege of being able to dive deeply into the words of the writers, and getting lost in an exceptional storyline of a novel is not taken for granted. The Gift A Book Drive is about providing the less fortunate the opportunity to dream big outside of their circumstances.

“When someone gifts me a book, I am filled with so much joy.” Samantha Estrada said.

“I asked myself, what if I could spread that joy? I ran the book drive idea by my family, and they thought it was a great one! My husband, my children, and I are excited.” Samantha Estrada added.

The San Antonio Children Shelter is located at 2939 W. Woodlawn. It is a non-profit organization that provides a safe trauma-free environment for youth that have been abused, neglected, or abandoned. They have been open since 1901 and are a family of services. They restore innocence ending the cycle of abuse.

A book can signify hope, inspiration, and be a doorway to further your education.

“Books are important in various unexpected ways. They help children develop basic language skills and profoundly expand their vocabularies. Books also, help evolve their critical thinking skills.” Samantha Estrada said.

“In the pages of a book you can find lessons for life, gain knowledge, experience joy, happiness, empathy, and so much more. There are so many reasons why reading is important. Books can transform your life.” Samantha Estrada added.

The community essence of San Antonio is being asked to come together on the need of providing The Children’s Shelter with books. So please we encourage you to help out by donating a book.

Gift A Book Drive Flyer 2021